Star actor’s shocker about blue films case

Suman getting arrested and sent to jail in the case of a blue film during that time created a sensation. During that time many rumors spread that a top star unable to digest Suman’s rise to stardom conspired against him and crushed his career.

Bhanuchander introduced his friend, Suman who was doing small roles in Tamil to Telugu. He attained immense stardom thanks to his expertise in martial arts. He became a top star as he not only had the qualities of an action hero but all other qualities of the hero.

Though Tollywood already had stars like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, Suman gave tough competition for them. When his career was in peaks, he was arrested in the case of a blue film and sent to jail. Even now many say top stars conspired against him as they couldn’t digest his rise to stardom.

Though he was arrested in blue films case, police slapped Goonda act on him. Though a top star’s name did rounds at that time, since there was no proof, they just remained rumors. Later Suman overcame his obstacles and proved his mettle with roles like Annamayya but he lost many years in his career. One do not know whether Suman became a scapegoat or rivals conspired against him, he got confined to small roles after coming from jail.

Though this was an old story, many pity Suman. But who conspired against Suman and got him arrested? Is the person from the film industry. Did they try to trouble Bhanuchander also? Suman revealed all the secrets.

Suman said ‘ When my career was in peaks, for some reason cases were slapped on me. I was even sent to jail. For all this, my friend was the reason. I revealed the name to Tamil media at that time. There is no secret about his name. His name is Diwakar. He is not from the film industry. He was an outsider. But film people connected the case to the film industry and spread rumors. They for hype spread the rumors and hiding the facts thought about their selfish ends. I faced troubles due to it. It was just a family matter”

Suman continued saying “I know I will be going to jail. As per my horoscope, I know about it. Though I am aware of the problem, I never expected it to be such a dangerous consequence. I decided not to become a risk to Bhanuchander. This because he brought me to Tollywood saying I will click in Tollywood more than Kollywood. He was responsible for the craze I got in Telugu. So I decided not to trouble my friends. I met Bhanuchander and asked him ‘ Bhanu.. you do not call me and meet me. The matter is serious. Let’s meet later”

” Though Diwakar did all of this, the name of other heroes came out. To be frank the top hero does not have any relation to the case. All those are rumors and the real facts are different.Rumors spread that a top star and Chennai’s police commissioner were behind it. All this looks good to her but it was just to tarnish their image. I do not agree that a star hero was responsible for my going to jail”

‘Since I am a celebrity, Government and other officials got involved. It was the first time the Goonda act was lapped on me. This was not that easy. They did not come with a 420 cases. Only after doing a lot of work, they slapped goonda act. Allegations against me are different and cases were different. Those involved in my case were important VIPs. They reacted to the sayings of others and slapped the act. Later they came to know the truth. But they couldn’t call back the rules. Once clearance is given in one case, others take it as a reference. This was the reason case got delayed. In 6 months’ time they came to know the truth. But the issue became big as the case went on for many years. But finally all the allegations against me were proven wrong”