Tejaswi reveals shocking casting couch temptations

Tejaswi Madivada

There are many Telugu beauties but despite their acting talent and hot looks, filmmakers are ignoring them and running after Bollywood beauties. Even as many started wondering why the makers and stars are running after them, hot Telugu girl Tejaswi Madivada speaking to scribes made startling revelations.

Tejaswi said ” There is 90% casting couch in the industry. People tempt and lure newcomers in the name of commitment and only if they agree for commitments, they will be given offers. Many people asked me directly ‘ will you give commitment”

Tejaswi added ” Because of Mumbai heroines, Telugu girls are getting a bad name. Since Mumbai heroines are ready for anything, the makers are flooding them with offers. They are aware that for offers they have to be ready for casting couch and night outs and are well prepared for these eventualities”

Tejaswi continued ” Almost all the heroines I know have casting couch experiences and many are ashamed to confess about them. Due to the casting couch, I lost my personal life. I dated a guy and planned to marry him but due to casting couch, our relationship spoiled”

Tejaswi starred in Mahesh Babu’s Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and teased all in Ram Gopal Varma’s Ice Cream.