Modi’s GST shock to Jagan and KCR

PM Modi’s BJP just like other ruling parties at the center is discriminating against the two Telugu states. Frankly speaking if the two Telugu states Telangana and AP are combined then it is bigger than Karnataka. But Karnataka is ruled by the BJP government. SO BJP is releasing funds in the name of GST, it released peanuts to AP and Telangana which are ruled by the regional parties YSRCP and TRS headed by Jagan and KCR.

Recently BJP released GST compensation to all the states. AP got Rs 3028 crs while Telangana got Rs 3054 crs. Both combined got just over Rs 6crs. Maharashtra which has the financial capital Mumbai got the highest compensation of Rs 19628crs.

What surprises all is Karnataka got Rs 18628crs, Tamil Nadu got Rs 12305crs and even Punjab got Rs 12187crs. MPs of Andhra and Telangana are furious with Modi sarkar’s discrimination as even smaller states got more compensation.

While BJP ruled states got more GST compensation, Modi released GST to Telugu states as if they are beggars. Even experts are furious with not even giving at least 10% of compensation though the Union Government is getting huge revenue in the form of GST from the two Telugu states.