Confirmed-Trivikram not doing a film with Venkatesh

NTR is stuck with RRR and he has his own problems to come out of it as the film is getting delayed. Post RRR, he will be working with Trivikram and looks like this film is going to get delayed for sure. 
So, there has been gossip in the film circles that as he has time, he will direct a film for superstar Venkatesh. But we have spoken to the sources of Venkatesh and they say that none of this is happening as Victory Venkatesh is busy with his new film Naarappa that is being directed by Srikanth Addala. 
So, Trivikram doing a film with Venkatesh is out of the box now and the ace has no options but to wait for NTR to complete RRR in the first place. Only time will tell what will happen in the days to come.