High Court serious on KCR’s health

During the last one week or so Telangana CM KCR was not seen anywhere in the cabinet meetings. He was not seen at the Pragati Bhawan and even when Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan conducted a review over private hospitals siphoning exorbitant amounts from the people, KCR was not seen.

Rumours spread that Telangana CM KCR was unwell and he got affected with corona and he is receiving treatment for the same at his farm house in Eravalli. Couple of days back a youth Congress leader protested in front of Pragati Bhawan with the placard #WhereIsKCR and even then KCR didnot come out.

Revanth Reddy also demanded health bulletin from the government regarding KCR’s health. High Court which heard the petition filed by Naveen (Teenmaar Mallanna) made strong comments on KCR’s health. It said it cannot hear the petition and also warned that if people try to indulge in political gimmicks it will not tolerate.

It told the petitioner to file Habius Corp if CM is not seen. Teen Maar Mallanna said numerous rumours have been floating during tthese days and asked the High Court to direct the Government to reveal about KCR’s health.