Ram Gopal Varma insults Balakrishna

Ram Gopal Varma who thrives on controversies to enjoy media attention once again insulted Natasimha Balakrishna. It is known that Balakrishna on his 60th birthday sang the most popular, iconic, and evergreen classical song ‘Shiva Shankari’ from a super hit film of his dad NTR’s Jagadeke Veeruni Katha.

Many trolled him for murdering the song and even Ram Gopal Varma made fun of him. Balakrishna later clarified that it was his dream to sing the iconic song and he tried his best. He added that he wouldn’t boast that he sang extraordinarily.

Everything seems to have ended but Ram Gopal Varma once again spoke about Balakrishna’s singing and insulted him. Speaking to scribes he said ‘Balakrishna’s singing is fantastic, mindblowing and after the invention of music, Balakrishna is the best singer”

When asked whether he would give chance to Balakrishna as a singer in your films he said ‘ I cannot give a chance to Balakrishna in my films. There is a reason for it. His singing standards are different and compared to what he sings, mine are very small films”

Ram Gopal Varma recently released his adult film, Naked.Nagnam, Nangaa, and sometime back he released another adult film Climax.