Home News Surprise: KCR's Khana there, Sona here

Surprise: KCR’s Khana there, Sona here

Coronavirus is spreading its wings across the state of Telangana giving sleepless nights of people. For the first time, Telangana CM KCR’s prediction on coronavirus turned out to be false. Instead of decreasing, the covid 19 cases are increasing at an alarming rate. 


In the midst of all this, surprising revelation is comingout that KCR is having Khana at Pragati Bhavan and sona at his farm house. BJP MP D.Aravind went hammer and tongs on Telangana CM KCR. 


He said ” KCR’s government failed completely in preventing the rise of covid 19 cases while PM Modi is working 24/7 to crush the pandemic. KCR who whould lead by example is not even wearing the mask, KCR who is telling lies on corona, is eating in Pragati Bhavan and sleeping in his farmhouse.”


He even attacked Telangana Health Minister Etela Rajender saying many people are dying after placing videos exposing the lack of facilities in the hospitals. He said Etela has no right to continue as a minister. 

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