When Sheep insulted China

China is known for its expansionist attitude and many times it backstabbed India. However, Congress, Communists and other parties always sing the song ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’. The same is the case with Pakistan. Despite Pakistan and China backstabbing India, India always believed them to fall into the trap.

India lost the 1962 war due to the wrong policies adopted by the then Nehru government. Emboldened by its victory and after grabbing Aksai Chin, it decided to snatch Sikkim. China came with a silly excuse that Indian soldiers stole their yaks and sheep during August-September 1965.

China shot off a letter to the Indian government about the same accusing Indian soldiers of stealing 59 yaks and 800 sheep. The Indian government responded in a more diplomatic manner but 42-year-old young Jan Sangh leader, Atal Bihari Vajpayee shocked China.

Vajpayee drove off 800 sheep into the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi in September with the sheep having placards ‘ Eat me but save the world’. China got another letter to Lal Bahadur Shastri’s government accusing it of insulting China. Indian government washed off its hands saying it has nothing to do with this demonstration and added that it was a good-humored expression of the resentment of the citizens of Delhi.

China came with another complaint that Indian soldiers kidnapped four Tibetan inhabitants and India replied back that they came to India on their own and free to go back to Tibet. China in 1967 tried to attack India to snatch Sikkim but it got a huge shock as the Indian army was well prepared and drove China back killing more than 300 soldiers.