Katrina says only Balakrishna saved her from insults

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is one of the top stars in the industry. However, during her initial days, she struggled a lot and she attained stardom with perseverance and hard work.

Katrina made her debut in Tollywood romancing Venkatesh in Malleswari. She went on to romance Balakrishna in Allari Pidugu. Katrina speaking about Balakrishna showered praises on him.

She said ‘ After Malliswari became a hit, I got flooded with numerous offers. But I selected Balakrishna’s Allari Pidugu.’. Recollecting her experience she said ‘ At that time almost everyone used to scold me. They used to say you have all the qualities but your dance is not good”

Katrina continued saying ‘ Everyone used to insult me asking me to learn movements according to the song. However, with the advice of Balakrishna in Allari Pidugu, I underwent remarkable transformation’

She said ‘ Balakrishna gave me a few tips on how to behave while dancing in front of the camera and how to give dance movements according to the song. I am still following the techniques Balakrishna taught me as my guru. If I am getting the best dancer compliment from all, the credit goes to Balakrishna’

She added ‘ I thought dancing with Balakrishna would be extremely difficult as everyone told me that Balakrishna would be extremely energetic in the shooting. However, following his tips and advice, I easily danced along with Balakrishna and enjoyed a lot”

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