Lavanya Pins all hopes on her next-Says it’s the best role


Lavanya pins all hopes on her next-Says it’s the best role

Lavanya started her career well and did some very good films. But later on, she made some bad choices and was out of the game for a while. Things finally worked for her as her new film Arjun Suravaram did well at the box office. 
Lavanya is very happy with the way her work is being received. She has two interesting films in the form of A1 Express and Chaavu Kaburu Challaga. Lavanya says that she has the best role in Chaavu Kaburu Challaga and this film will take her to the next level for sure in her career.
Lavanya also has a Sundeep Kishan film where she will be playing a hockey player and has worked so hard on her role says the actress. She is also promoting herself in a big way as she feels that this is the time to make her career work.