Will Jagan take Modi’s cabinet offer?

Union government headed by PM Modi always come with such carrots during any state elections. They even lure regional parties offering attractive posts. Ever since BJP came to power, it offered posts to ShivSena JDU, AIADMK, and also parties in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, North East States and came to power there.

Now once again it is bringing back the same strategy. Elections are fast approaching in Bihar. It is trying to lure its ally JDU. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar walked out to the Union Cabinet for the inconsequential posts. But with both parties needing each other, they are once again coming together.

Rumors are spreading that apart from JDU, BJP high command is keen to have YSRCP into its cabinet. This because YSRCP is the fourth largest party in the country. Whenever Jagan and Modi met, speculation increased but Jagan did not show interest.

Sources say even now, Jagan may not take if BJP offers cabinet posts. He already made clear that he will support the party at Centre which provides special status to Andhra Pradesh. Alliance with BJP will alienate minorities and Dalits and Jagan cannot take that risk.