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Chiranjeevi breaks covid rules

Ever since the breakdown of coronavirus pandemic, mega star Chiranjeevi has been actively asking people to follow social distancing and also use masks and practise proper hygeine conditions all the time.

In order to drive home his point and have a wider reach, Chiranjeevi even did many promotional videos with other celebrities. The videos went viral and mega fans and movie loves took Chiranjeevi’s message in the right earnest and started following it religiously.

In the midst of all this, Somu Veeraraju, who was elected the new president of BJP AP state, met Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Chiranjeevi received him coridally. The snaps went viral as Chiranjeevi wished BJP,Jana Sena combine success in the coming elections. However what surprised all is Chiranjeevi didnot follow social distancing and removed his mask while posing for the photos with Veeraraju. This is sending completely different signals to society.

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