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Is India China heading to war?

A tense situation is prevailing at the Indo-Chinese border for more than ten days. Now speculation is increasing whether India and China are going to war. No country can afford war and especially China which already got affected severely with coronavirus pandemic. However it all started with China deploying troops in strategic locations, two in Ladakh and one in between western Tibet and Pakistan occupied Kashmir on May 5.

It is not clear what was the reason behind Chinese aggression but one feels that India’s decision to integrate Kashmir by abrogating article 370 could be the cause. Apart from it with India moving closely with the USA whose President Donald Trump is accusing China of spreading coronavirus, China doesn’t want any power shift in the region. Apart from it, the Union Government led by PM Modi banned Chinese companies from taking over Indian companies.

Though US President Trump offered to mediate both China and India rejected the offer. Higher officials from Defence establishments from both India and China are holding discussions. Military officials say the situation is extremely tense as at few places, both armies are coming to blows.

For the first time in history, Lieutenant General level talks are happening between India and China. India is coming with strategies to corner China and suffocate from all fronts. While Chinese Airforce fighter jets are doing sorties, India deployed Bofors guns at the border. Indian military officials are planning to force the Chinese army to go back to their earlier positions moving backward 50 km which it transgressed into its territory. Already Lieutenant General VK. Joshi landed in Ladakh.

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