Loser Webseries review

Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Priyadarshi, Sayaji Shinde, Shashank, Kalpika Ganesh
Producers: Zee5, Annapurna Studios
Director: Abhilash Reddy

Story Query

Air Rifle Shooter Suri Yadav (Prayadarshi) aspires to enter into the state team in 2007. He works hard to achieve his dream. Similarly, Ruhi Shabana (Annie, Kalpika), a young girl from an orthodox Muslim family dreams of making it big as a badminton player in the year 1995. Wilson (Shashank) aspires to play for the Indian cricket team in the year 1985.
Unravel the mystery of how the struggles of youngsters Suri Yadav, Ruhi, and Wilson who are from different age groups are interrelated, by enjoying the Loser Web series.

Stars Sparkles

Priyadarshi, as usual, came with natural and realistic performance. He tried his best to carry the film on his shoulders. Kalika Ganesh worked hard for her role and she should have got more recognition. Pavani Gangi Reddy showcased her talent with her performance. Komalee Prasad attracted with her performance but her character let her down. Annie of Ranjannaah fame is ok and so did Satya Krishnan. Bannerjee and Keshav Deepak did not get much scope to perform. Abhay Betiganti is ok. Shashank performed well in his role as a youngster but failed to show the same tenacity when he appeared aged.

Director’s Special

Director Abhilash Reddy penned a story highlighting the emotions in a realistic manner. He also related the different time zones in a believable manner giving due importance to all the characters.

Director Abhilash Reddy highlighted the woman empowerment also in his story and he attracted his screenplay and direction generating immense interest among movie lovers.

However, one gets a feeling that Abhilash Reddy seems to have got inspired by the sports-based film Jersey. Some of the episodes in the series dragged testing the patience of the viewers. At times he missed a few logics and there are many cliches in the narration.

Abhilash tried to be realistic but in the process, he turned amateurish. He left many questions unanswered even in the end. Abhilash included many multiple shades and tried to do justice touching upon various strata in the society but failed to do justice to everything and flattered to deceive himself and all. It turned out to be a disappointing end to a promising start.


The background score and songs are good. The melodious tunes cast a magic spell on movie lovers and background score elevated the scenes. They made a good impact on viewers. Editing could have been far better. There are a lot of drags in the film which ended up testing the patience of the viewers. Cinematography is just ordinary and could have been even more superior. Had cinematography been good, it would have taken the film to another level. What surprised all is the production values. The production values of Annapurna Studios turned out to be below average.

Viewers Verdict

Loser could have been far better.