Mumbai cops knew about Sushanth’s death in advance?

Mumbai cops knew about Sushanth's death in advance?

This is what Sushanth’s dad and his lawyer are saying. In their statement, they said “Mumbai police’s investigation is going in some other direction. They want to derail the investigation. We had warned the police nearly four months before his death. We told the DCP, Bandra on February 25 that Sushant was under threat and that the kin was afraid for the actor as he was in bad company”,

A case has been filed but Rhea has been missing in Mumbai since morning as the Bihar police wanted to arrest her. So much is being said and done in this case and Rhea has been trending since morning.

The investigation is going on in a slow pace feel the parents of Sushanth. Some big names are behind this is the talk. With each passing day, the case is becoming worse.