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Poonam’s sensational attack on Pawan Kalyan

Poonam Kaur has been the thorn in the fresh of Power Star Pawan Kalyan,chief of Jana Sena since long time. Poonam Kaur has been piercing Pawan Kalyan with her posts on social media time and again making sensational allegations ever since she was sidelined for a film with him directed by Trivikram Srinivas.

She accused Trivikram of spoiling her career ensuring that she didnot get any offers. She even accused Trivikram of spoiling the career of his friend (Pawan kalyan) for spoiling his personal life. She took on Pawan Kalyan’s fans also with her flurry of posts and this is making everyone angry.

Here is her post.

“U have done thing but manipulated your friends life for your benefit … i don’t think anyone has benefitted out of his life like u did …. ur manipulative …ur sick …. #guruji”

“U stopped ur friend from getting back to his very loving wife … who she could have died for n the star gets abused today why coz of u coming in between them..children suffered,he suffered ,he still suffers … why did u do this …are u places to kill him like slow poison ?”

When Pawan Kalyan’s fans started blasting her,she questioned whether they would like Pawan Kalyan’s opponents to make fun of him for his three marriages.

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