Ingenious, Ingenuous, Ingénue

“Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.” –Ambrose Bierce (24 June 1842-circa 1914)


Ingenious solutions are constantly unraveling in the 21st century for human beings aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Robots, and even from ingenuous persons.

Ingenious means creative, original, showing an aptitude at something that is brilliant, and clever at inventing something or discovering solutions for problems.

Ingenious is an adjective. Ingenious at something or ingenious at doing something refers to a person who is clever at finding solutions for problems.

Ingenious also refers to things or articles that are original in design and serve their purpose as they suit well.

Referring to an idea, ingenious idea is the one that is original and very clever.

Words related to ingenious are ingeniously (adverb), ingenuity and ingenuousness (nouns) – cleverness, originality, genius, inventiveness.

Examples: The members of the Allus’ household were thrown out of their normal routine as the electricity supply to the house was tripped. But when the youngest one in the family found out about the problem, he swing in to action and restored the power supply by rectifying the fuse. They felt they have an ingenious lad in their midst!

Ingenious guys can solve the crosswords quickly.

Mobile phones are ingenious devices as they are manufactured in various shapes and sizes catering to the users’ various ways.

The world is witnessing the birth of ingenious gadgets and devices on which humans rely.

Universities enroll students for PhD studentships only from those who have ingenious research proposals.

Military personnel search for ingenious plans or methods.

Ingenious solutions are an imperative for Internet-dependent age.

“It will be found, in fact, that the ingenious are always fanciful, and the truly imaginative never otherwise than analytic.” –Edgar Allan Poe


Ingenuous means showing innocence or simplicity, being frank and open. Ingenuous is an adjective. Ingenuous refers to a person who is open, innocent, who is not deceiving others and artless, who is not concealing something from others.

Derivative of ingenuous are ingenuously and ingenuousness.

Examples: Amir has an ingenuous attitude towards others.

Priyanka’s smile is ingenuous.

Ingenuous people are admired for their openness and innocence.

“O ye who teach the ingenuous youth of nations – Holland, France, England, Germany or Spain; I pray ye flog them upon all occasions, it mends their morals – never mind the pain.” –Lord Byron


Ingénue is a simple girl. Ingénue girl is the one who is innocent. Ingénue roles are those that are simple and depict innocence in a person.

Ingénues may be rare to find but they could be seen in movies, plays and television serials drawing empathy from the audience.

Whose society is blessed with an ingenious daughter and ingenuous son if not ingénues?