Desperate, Disparate

Desperate, Disparate

“In nine months of a man’s life he can think a lot of things, from the loftiest meditations on philosophy to the most desperate longing for a bowl of soup – in total accord with the state of his stomach.” –The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara


Desperate is an adjective meaning having an urgent need or desire; hopelessness, beyond hope, leaving little hope or no hope; extremely bad; intolerable, foolhardy; someone in a state of hopelessness, having no hope, giving in to despair; in a reckless state, furious to get this or that get done, audacious, outrageous; in a bad sense, extremely intense.


The desperate needs of voters vary from one area to another area.

The world is desperate to eliminate terrorism.

Sensing financial meltdown of the company, the board members are chalking out desperate measures to overcome the meltdown and its consequences.

Yuvraj Singh made a desperate effort to return to the Indian cricket team but his health was not cooperating with him to play the sort of cricket he was known for (6 sixers in six balls or in an over).

Related words of desperate are desperately (adverb: badly, gravely, dangerously, hopelessly, shockingly), and desperation (noun: defiance, madness, recklessness, anxiety, heartache worry). Examples:

Her desperation trebled with each passing moment as she failed to hear from her daughter but when she got an answer her desperate efforts to trace her came to an end.

Their desperate efforts to overcome the tragedy started to yield some results with the passing of the time.

The obsolete meaning of desperate is desperado.


Disparate is an adjective meaning distinct in kind, incongruous (contradictory, contrary, incompatible, inconsistent, out of place), composed of inherently different elements in something; unlike, utterly unlike, dissimilar; something consisting of different elements that which is different, markedly different, mismatched.


India is a country practicing disparate aspects of Hinduism: Vaishnvism, SHaivism, Hare Krishnas, followers of this guru or that mathaji, practicing the precepts of this god or that goddess…all bracketed under one religion called Hinduism.

The composition of politicians in a political party will be representative if they are from disparate background – having different socio-economic background.

The couple has a compatible relationship though their views on raising their children are disparate yet not discordant.

The different heads of the organization practised disparate measures which resulted in losses. If only they had coordinated their disparate measures it would have had stayed in the competition.

The related words of disparate are disparately, disparateness and disparates.

Disparates is a plural noun referring to a group of unequals, the constituents of the class with dissimilar views or backgrounds.

India makes desperate attempts to control the religious and caste clashes among its disparate groups.

Desperado is an outlaw, reckless criminals, bold criminal who once roamed in the American West.

What is the medicine to overcome a desperate situation? Calmness!