Balakrishna should apologize-Naga Babu

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Wars in the industry have started once again and we saw that today in the form of Balayya firing on Chiranjeevi and his team who went and met KCR the other to decide on the shoots post the lockdown. This issue has become even spicier now.

Naga Babu has freshly made a video in which he is seen blasting Balayya and asking him for an apology. Naga Babu says how can Balayya say Bhoomulu Panchukuntunnaru to Chiru and others and this as an industry person and brother of Chiranjeevi will not tolerate it at all.

This has created an even bigger fuss in the industry now and the media are having a field day in a big way now. We need to see who Balayya and other celebs in the industry will respond to this now.