What Made Chiranjeevi Get Upset?

Megastar Chiranjeevi seems to be very angry and upset. ‘Someone says something. They spread bad news about me and my family members.

I don’t give them as much space in my life…’ this is what Chiranjeevi said in the ‘Nijam’ talk show hosted by singer Smitha.

Chiranjeevi, usually a sensitive-minded man was on the moon when the Hollywood director James Cameron heaped praises on Ram Charan’s performance in RRR.

Chiranjeevi responded to James Cameron’s tweet and thanked him.Chiranjeevi hailed Ram Charan’s performance and ignored mentioning NTR, Rajamouli,

 and other members of the RRR team which led to a negative remark on Chiranjeevi for being too selfish.

There was a big uproar over that tweet. Chiranjeevi was very upset about this matter and seems to have expressed his deep grief with his close friends.

There is an argument that when Chiranjeevi satirized the so-called websites giving negative reviews of the movie Waltair Veerayya, those websites took revenge on Chiranjeevi.

Why is Chiranjeevi giving space to those who criticize him? That’s the problem with Chiranjeevi’s sensitive mindset.