The way I see myself has changed with 18 Pages 

  How are you feeling about the success of 18 pages? I’m enjoying the success, and the Baaghi character has earned a good popularity. Friends, relatives, and others are calling in huge numbers.

 It has been almost two years since the film was completed, and it has finally been released, to positive reviews.

 How did the chance for 18 pages come about? This opportunity came about as a result of my YouTube videos. Geetha Arts contacted me and asked me to attend the auditions.

 I couldn’t believe it when I got a call from a big production company like Geetha Arts. Then I went to the audition and was selected.

 How was your working experience with Nikhil? Working with Nikhil was a fantastic experience; making videos for YouTube is not the same as making a film.

 If I ever felt nervous on set, he was always there to tell me that I was a good actor. He said that he watched all my videos on YouTube.

 What exactly is Sarayu? Before and after 18 pages? People think of me as a YouTuber before 18 pages. I used to do adult comedy, but seeing Sarayu in so many different shades surprised everyone.

 In 18 Pages, I think I surprised everyone with decent comedy. By starring in a film under a well-known banner, I received positive feedback.

 You got a good success with this movie; will you keep doing movies or continue on YouTube?

 I’m not sure, but if I get good concepts on YouTube, I’ll keep going; we should never forget our roots.

 What is the best compliment you’ve ever received about 18 pages? In a video, I saw that if you have a supportive friend like Sarayu, every boy will be a hero. It was, in my opinion, the best compliment.

What are your current projects?   There are so many that it would be better to see them than tell them now.