The Senior Actress Shares The Casting Couch Experiences

 Casting couches have been existing in the film industry for decades.

 But, the actresses who have gone through that are sharing their experiences openly for the last few years.

 A few years ago, when Sri Reddy tried to expose the dark secrets of the film industry, the #MeToo movement was its peak and subsided eventually.

 Senior actress Amani who was one of the leading heroines in Telugu during the 1990s shared her experiences.

 She said that producers used to call her for makeup tests and insisted she comes alone.

 But, when she said that she would turn up only with her mother, the producers haven’t offered the roles.

 The actress said that she had lost many offers for being upright and never fell into the trap of favors for offers.

 Currently, Amani is busy in her second innings as a character artist.