The Accident Becomes a Sentiment To Vishal

 Vishal is a Telugu by birth who settled in Tamilnadu. Though he claims his movies to be Tamil-Telugu bilinguals,

 he makes movies in Tamil and later dubs them into Telugu. Usually, he produces

 most of his movies and one thing that’s been quite common in his movies of late is the accidents on the sets.

 Vishal was badly injured on the sets of Latti and he had a narrow escape on the sets of his upcoming movie Mark Anthony.

 With accidents becoming a routine in his movies, there were some doubts raised that accidents

 may be unreal and Vishal is trying to use them as a publicity stunt and for sympathy.

 But, as per the close sources, the near-death escape during the filming of

 Mark Anthony seems real and it’s not a publicity gimmick for the movie. To Vishal