Shruti Haasan On Her Alcohol Habits

 It is often believed that alcohol consumption is a common part of the lives of celebrities,

 as they are often seen attending parties and events where alcohol is served.

 However, there are some celebrities like Shruti Haasan who choose to live a sober life and stay away from alcohol.

 During an interaction with her fans on social media, Shruti Haasan named her session “Ask me something silly.

  Please only be silly” and one of her fans asked her to choose between Whisky, Beer, and a Cocktail. However,

 Shruti Haasan revealed that she does not have any favorites among these drinks since she has been sober for the past six years.

 Shruti Haasan’s decision to lead a sober lifestyle is a personal one, and it is commendable that she has been able to

 achieve great success without consuming alcohol, which is often perceived as a part of the celebrity lifestyle.