Samantha Was Sexually Harassed By That Director?

The casting couch has been prevalent in the film industry for decades.

However, it’s for the past few years that actresses are calling out against the sexual predators in the industry.

 Though many actresses are still hesitating to open up, some of the actresses have opened up about their experiences and accepted that the casting couch is a problem that needs to be tackled in the Indian film industry.

 Though small-time actresses like Sri Reddy and Madhavi Latha and a few others have opened up about their past experiences, none of the star heroines have opened up or supported the #MeToo campaigns.

 Though she hasn’t revealed it, there’s a rumor about actress Samantha being harassed sexually by a Tollywood director.

 It’s buzzed that the director made life miserable for Samantha and forced her for sexual favors.

 Irritated by his behavior, and torture Samantha seems to have informed everything to the director’s wife and he was forced to tender apologies to Samantha.

 Samantha who was last seen in the Yashoda movie is currently undergoing treatment in south Korea and might resume the shootings of her pending projects after getting discharged.