Rana Naidu Making It To 10th Most-watched Series Worldwide

 Rana Naidu has accomplished a rare feat on Netflix by garnering exceptional reception and high viewership,

  as evidenced by its placement on the global top 10 series list. Among other Indian series, such as Khakee:

 The Bihar Chapter and Young Adult show Class, Rana Naidu has climbed its way up and is leaving an indelible mark on audiences.

 This series has amassed a significant number of watch hours, solidifying its status as a must-watch.

 Notably, Rana Naidu is the first Netflix series to feature two prominent actors from the Telugu market,

 whose star power has attracted an abundance of views.

 During its debut week, Rana Naidu garnered 8,070,000 hours of views,

 making it the tenth most-watched non-English series – and these numbers are just within a few days of launch!