NTR And Ram Charan Say No To Rajamouli

 Rajamouli is the biggest director of Indian cinema at the moment and no actor would deny working with him.

 However, actors NTR and Ram Charan who recently featured in the epic drama RRR wouldn’t like to be a part of the sequel.

 For the past few weeks, there were news making rounds about the sequel to RRR when Rajamouli’s father and

 writer Vijayendra Prasad said that there would be a sequel to RRR and the script is nearing completion.

 However, the actors NTR and Ram Charan do seem not updated about the sequel to the movie. When asked about this they expressed shock and surprise.

 They said that Rajamouli might give them a surprise by announcing the sequel and blocking their dates.

 “Unfortunately we have no idea about it. We had no clue about “RRR 2″ until he spoke about it. So if you interview him, you should actually get the clarity from him

 so that we know when it’s starting so that we can keep our calendar free,” NTR told in an interview. “We heard it for the first time when he was talking to you guys.

 I mean, we’re not kidding about this. We never spoke about it,” Ram Charan said before Tarak continued, “And he never tells us anything.”

 Ram Charan said- “I would say it’s a bad thing. I hate surprises. Maybe Charan likes them,” Tarak added.

 “He knows we clear the calendars whenever he calls us. He takes us for granted. (Laughs),” Ram Charan said.

 So, going by these, it’s clear that writer Vijayendra Prasad just tried to bluff the media

 by revealing that they are in plans for the sequel to RRR just to get the extra mileage for the movie which is competing for the Oscar awards.