No Mohan Babu at Manoj’s Wedding?

 There have been recent rumours of Manchu Manoj getting married to Bhuma Mounika Reddy for quite some time.

 Putting all the speculations to rest, Manoj has confirmed that he is getting hitched to Mounika Reddy on 3rd March 2023.

 However, there’s a new rumor circulating about Manoj’s father and

 veteran actor Mohan Babu possibly missing his son Manchu Manoj’s second wedding due to some unsaid reasons.

 While these rumors have not been confirmed, fans of the Manchu family are understandably concerned and hoping for the best.

 Manchu Manoj, who is also a renowned actor in the Telugu film industry, tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Pranathi Reddy in May 2015.

 Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage did not last, and they announced their separation in 2019.

 Manchu Manoj’s second wedding is sure to be a special and intimate affair,

 and we can only hope that Mohan Babu will be able to attend and be a part of this happy moment with his family.