Nayanatara’s Indirect Attack On Heroine

 Lady Superstar Nayanatara has been going places to promote her latest movie Connect.

 Many felt that since Connect was produced by her husband Vignesh Sivan under his banner Rowdy Pictures, Nayanthara showed special interest,

 unlike other projects that would have nothing of it. During the promotions, Nayanthara said “There is this interview I saw of another heroine.

 She didn’t mention my name, but she referred to me and talked about a hospital scene and questioned how can one be so prim and proper in a hospital scene.”

 She questioned then how she should look in that particular scene. She added “Then how to look in a hospital scene?

 I am not saying one should be prim and proper, but it doesn’t mean one has to have open hair and sit in a hospital.

 There will be people to take care of you and maybe tie up your hair and do other stuff.”

 The actress continued “Also, there is a huge difference when you doing a realistic film and a commercial film. When you are doing a realistic film, you have to go to that level to look at the part.

 This particular example was from a commercial film and I had done what my director wanted me to look like,”People are connecting the dots and pointing out that Nayanthara is targeting Malavika Mohanan.

 Malavika Mohanan while promoting Rajinikanth’s Petta said “I have seen like this really big superstar actress, she is in this one hospital scene,

 where is almost dying in the hospital and she is on full make-up. With full eyeliner, hair did, not one hair out of place, and I am like how can a person be dying with like your lipstick in place?

 Even if it’s a commercial movie and you need to look pretty, it has to be a little realistic at least right?”