Naresh Forged Krishna’s Signature Claims His Former Wife

Senior Tollywood actor Naresh has been making headlines for his alleged relationship with actress Pavitra Lokesh and his tiff with his third wife Ramya Raghupathi.

She made sensational comments about her former husband and actor Naresh and claimed that he forged Superstar Krishna’s signatures on legal documents.

In an interview, Ramya Raghupathy revealed that Naresh made several baseless accusations and tried to damage her character in the worst way possible.

She also revealed that Naresh sent an injunction order to her in which it was mentioned that Superstar Krishna had a life threat from her.

Naresh’s ex-wife further revealed that in the injunction order, all signatures of Krishna were in different styles and it was Naresh who actually signed them off and this act amounts to forgery.

Both Naresh and Ramya Raghupathy have made several public accusations against each other in past.

Last year he also spoke to the media and made some shocking accusations about his wife and told the media that she has been mentally harassing him for quite some time now.

Naresh further added that he has all the proof of her terrible behavior and illicit relationships and he will take legal action if she continues to make any more statements against him.