Nani Finds Fault With Telugu Directors

 During a round table discussion of five Telugu directors, one of them, Venkatesh Maha, criticized the KGF movie, and the others agreed with him.

 The clip from the discussion became controversial, and actor Nani was asked to comment on the issue.

 In response, Nani expressed his opinion that what was said and how it was said was extremely wrong.

 He believed that the discussion was like a conversation between friends, but it happened during an interview, which led to a controversy.

 Nani felt bad that Venkatesh Maha got caught up in the controversy, as he was seated next to the person who made the comments.

 Nani clarified that all the directors in the discussion were mass movie lovers, and the comments made about KGF were a miscalculation.

 Nani explained that the comments may have been made in a funny tone, and people around the filmmaker may have been carried away.

 Nani believes that the other directors, including Nandini Reddy, are filmmakers who appreciate all films and have praised movies like RRR and KGF for their techniques and cuts.

 He called the directors he worked with “gem of a people” and did not want to judge them based on a small clip.

 Overall, Nani expressed his disappointment with the way Venkatesh Maha criticized KGF during the round table discussion.