Nani Calls Hyderabad People Ignorant

 Actor Nani who tried to defend the word ‘Behenchod’ in his upcoming movie Dasara has now stirred another controversy by saying Hyderabad people are ignorant.

 Nani was one of the special guests invited to the grand launch of the Chief Minister KCR cricket trophy event in Siddipet. During the event,

 Nani also promoted his upcoming movie, Dasara, which he attended alongside Telangana Minister of Medical, Health, and Finance Department, Harish Rao.

 Nani was greeted by a large crowd who cheered loudly upon his arrival. The actor expressed his admiration for the event,

 saying that the massive turnout and celebrations made it feel like a success meet for his upcoming film rather than a pre-release event.

 Nani congratulated Harish Rao Garu on the event’s success, which boasts the participation of 378 teams.

 During the event, Nani said, “Seeing such huge crowds and celebrations, it feels like I am coming to the success-meet event of my film and not for the pre-release event.

 It’s a great achievement that 378 teams are participating in this event. I congratulate Harish Rao Garu on this.

 I don’t think anywhere in the country such a big event has happened before. Many ignorant Hyderabadi people like me think that Siddipet must be a small town.

 But after seeing such development, I feel I am in Gachibowli right now.”Nani promised to return to Siddipet if Dasara turns out to be a success, to share his joy and triumph with the people once again.

 The actor’s attendance at the Chief Minister KCR cricket trophy event indicates a positive trend of cross-industry collaborations and increased support for large-scale events.