Manchu Vishnu’s Daring Step

 Manchu Vishnu, a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry for over two decades.

 Has struggled to achieve the same level of success as his father, the renowned actor Mohan Babu, and his peers,

 despite his involvement in nearly 20 films as an actor and producer. His lack of success as an actor has prompted him to focus more on producing films,

 but his latest release “Ginna” received only an average response at the box office.

 In a bold move, Vishnu is now set to remake the iconic Telugu film “Bhakta Kannappa,” which starred Krishnam Raju.

 This decision is risky because the original film is a classic that is still highly regarded by Telugu cinema enthusiasts.

 Remaking a classic film is always a daunting challenge, and there is a risk of failing to live up to the expectations set by the original.

 Additionally, Vishnu’s limited success as an actor may make it challenging for him to portray a role that his father-in-law originally played.