Keerthy Suresh Opens Up About Sexual Harassment

Casting couch is something that has been happening behind the scenes and it’s not new. However, the actresses who have gone through this harassment have been revealed now.

Time and again the actresses have spoken up against the casting couch and harassment. Previously, the #MeToo movement hit the headlines which exposed some popular names from several professional fields across the country.

With feminism and women’s empowerment becoming the most-talked subjects, actresses in the film industry have become more open about prevalent issues.

Recently, the star heroine Keerthy Suresh revealed her casting couch experiences in the film industry.

When the actress was asked about this by the media, she said- “Many people who work with me have publicly discussed sexual harassment with me. But I haven’t experienced anything similar to that yet.

I am well-known to everyone. Nobody has misunderstood me, at least not yet. There is no possibility of such a thing happening in the future”.

The actress also made things clear about what she is going to do if anybody approaches her with such an indecent proposal.

“If you approach me in a way that invites sexual harassment, I will decline because I don’t need the chance. I’ll leave the industry and hunt for other employment,” Keerthy affirmed.

Keerthy Suresh is coming up with Nani in the adventure film Dasara, directed by Srikanth Odhela. The movie is expected to hit the screens next year in March.