Kantara Actor Makes Controversial Comments On KGF

Though the Kannada movie industry has a rich history of filmmaking for close to a century, its presence was rarely felt across Indian cinema.

However, the scenario changed completely in the last few years. The phenomenal success of KGF and Kantara movies changed the fortunes of Kannada cinema and it’s been talked about all over.

Now, the Kannada stars are hogging the limelight for controversies. Till recently, it was the feud between Rishab Shetty and Rashmika Mandanna that hit the headlines.

Rashmika Mandanna’s statements that she hasn’t watched Kantara movie invited the wrath of Kannda movie lovers and they even demanded a ban on the actress from acting in Kannada cinema.

Now, the actor Kishore who played the police officer in the Kantara movie created a controversy with his comments over the KGF movie.

He said “I don’t know If is right or wrong but I haven’t watched KGF 2. It is not my type of cinema. It is a personal choice.

I would rather watch a small film that is not successful but deals with something serious than something that is mindless.”

Kishore’s comments are inviting the wrath of fans of Yash and Sandalwood movie lovers.

Recently Kantara hero Rishabh Shetty earlier showered praises on Yash for getting stardom and recognition to Sandalwood.