Is This Pan India Hero a Sex Maniac?

 He is a Pan India star and is a handsome man with the macho looks. He has an immense fan following among all the sections of the audience across the country.

 but also his friends vouch that this hero is not what he looks like in behavior and manners.

 Female fans just go gag a ovet his looks. However, not only film personalities who have seen him from close quarters,

 He loves to touch heroines’ private parts any time during the shoot of the film and derives sadistic pleasure.

 The hero leaves no chance to hug or touch the private parts of the heroines and sometimes it’s in the name of friendship. Since he is a Pan-India Hero,

 heroines are unable to expose him in public and instead suffer all his perverted acts silently. However, they are sharing the same with their close friends about his sadistic pleasure.

 A heroine went on record saying ‘ The moment the shot for a romantic scene was ready, he crushed me in with his hugs and the directors are unable to understand our pain.

 Only those who suffer and experience can understand it. Only a girl can vouch for what meaning he hugged me in that way. He also used to touch me on my private parts much to my discomfort”

 Now discussions and speculation are on as to who could be that pan India star who is such a pervert and sex maniac.