Is Pawan Kalyan Risking With OG?

 Pawan Kalyan has teamed up with Sujeeth for a gangster drama tentatively titled OG and the movie’s shoot is yet to begin.

 As per the reports, the movie will be shot at a brisk pace and it will have multiple parts.

 It’s also heard that the movie will have all the commercial elements like songs,

 heroines, and fights and will be high on technical standards. However, the main issue is the movie’s run time.

It’s buzzed that the movie will have a much smaller run time than the usual commercial movies.

 As soon as the news broke out, the fans and audience are worrying whether the crisp run time can impress the audience or not.

 Pawan Kalyan was seen as a gangster in movies like Balu and Panjaa earlier but both of them bombed at the box office.

 It remains to be seen whether Pawan Kalyan can score a hit this time or not.