I Want To Play Every Role : Arjun Das

 Butta Bomma is all set for a big release on January 26, 2023. Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas bankrolled this project and it’s going to be a perfect entertainer for the upcoming long weekend.

 The movie has Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashistta and Arjun Das in the lead roles and is helmed by debutant director Shourie Chandrasekhar Ramesh.

 The movie is shot in the beautiful locales of Vizag and Narsipatnam and has a rustic aura to it. Here are the excerpts from Arjun Das’ interaction with media.

 On your journey in the movie world It’s been a decade since my first outing in cinema and it’s been a long wait get good roles.

 Things really started moving after Khaidi and Andhagaaram, and all thanks to Lokesh Kanagaraj for casting me in two films, including Master.

 I am happy to act with Vijay sir. Ever since Master there are many opportunities for me. Thanks to Sithara and Vamsi garu for this wonderful opportunity in Butta Bomma.

 I received a lot of love for Telugu audience during my stay and shoot here. I hope the audiences like my character in Butta Bomma.

 On getting a lot of applause for the base voice I got a good applause for voice, and I wish everyone likes and applauds my acting too. RK is the name of my character in Butta Bomma, hope it works well.

 About Butta Bomma Butta Bomma is the remake of Malayalam film Kappela. It’s a story that a lot of us can relate to.

 There is a beautiful romance between the characters, the lives of four people, locations of Vizag and Narsipatnam will click with the audience.

 I can’t give more of my character and spoil the surprise for those who haven’t watched the Malayalam original.

 On casting actors from other regions I am fortunate that producers and directors have cast me for straight Telugu movies. They have faith in me now are offering roles in Telugu films. Now, audience is also accepting people from other languages.

 I could sense that recently during my shoot of Butta Bomma. Vamsi was adamant that I play the part in the movie. Director Ramesh narrated the story to me in Chennai.

 He said there are a few changes to the Malayalam original and everything else is intact. I am blessed as it’s very rare that someone gets an opportunity to be a part of a big production company like Sithara.

 That’s why I took it up. We are planning another movie and the details will be out soon.

 On the first Telugu film I don’t like shuffling between 2-3 movies and want to give my fullest for one film at a time. So I started with this film after my Tamil commitment is done.

 It’s easier for everyone that I finish one movie and then move to another. They are a few more Telugu movies in the pipeline. Also, Vamsi garu said that I have to dub my voice.

 For Khaidi and Master, I got good dubbing artist for my voice. Now this dubbing for Butta Bomma will be my return gift for all the love I received from Telugu audience.

 On emoting in mother tongue I signed Butta Bomma, but I don’t know how to emote for the role as it’s easy to do in mother tongue. Thanks to director Ramesh and ADs, they helped me understand the emotions and everything.

  Thankfully in the movie, I am angry most of the times, so it worked. I want press and media to give feedback about the movie and acting. This helps me evolve and do better films in Telugu.

  When Andhagaaram came out I was sceptical on how the dubbing comes out in Telugu. Andhagaaram gave me a lot of confidence that I can do more Telugu films.

 I am glad that audience likes my voice and I have to work a lot on acting. It’s a blessing for me.