Huge Shock For Ram Gopal Varma

 Ram Gopal Varma was India’s pride once. He delivered some of the iconic movies like Shiva, Sarkaar, Company, and Satya, but he’s a pale shadow of his own self now.

 None of his movies in the last decade have been impressive and in fact, they are even worse than the movies directed the amateur directors.

 It’s an open secret that RGV does pay campaigns for the YSRCP party and has done a few movies against the opposition party.

 Recently, it was reported he is coming up with a Telugu movie, “Vyooham,” that focuses on the rise of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and YS Jagan.

 But, the movie has been shelved due to the ruling party’s decision to look for another director.It is believed that the YSRCP party was not satisfied

 with the way Ram Gopal Varma was portraying their party in the movie. As a result, they decided to look for another director who could better represent their party’s image and ideology.

 This news has come as a huge shock to Ram Gopal Varma’s fans, who were eagerly waiting for his next project. Many have taken to social media

 to express their disappointment over the movie’s shelving and to show their support for the filmmaker.Ram Gopal Varma is known for his bold

 and unconventional approach to filmmaking, which has often landed him in controversies. However,

 his fans admire him for his fearlessness and his ability to push the boundaries of Indian cinema.