Hansika Opens Up About Her Affair With Simbhu

Actress Hansika Motwani has been in the spotlight lately due to her marriage to Sohael Khaturiya and the release of her documentary, Love Shadi Drama.

This is Sohael’s second marriage and Hansika’s second chance at love, after her relationship with the Tamil hero STR Simbu ended.

In a recent interview, Hansika opened up about her past relationship and breakup with Simbu.

According to Hansika, it took her several years to say yes to someone after her breakup with Simbu. She believes in love and is a romantic person, although she may not express it openly.

 She values the institution of marriage and wanted to ensure that the person she said yes to is someone she could spend the rest of her life with.

 Sohael Khaturiya proved to be that person and made sure that Hansika fell head over heels in love with him.

When asked if she had learned any lessons from her past relationship with Simbu, Hansika said that it was a different relationship and that it was now over.

She believes that her current relationship with Sohael is unique and has its own way of being.

To sum it up, Hansika Motwani has shared her thoughts on love, marriage, and her past relationship with Simbu. She is now happily married to Sohael Khaturiya and looks forward to the future.