Fans Of Prabhas Are Disappointed

 The fans of Prabhas seem to be disappointed once again. While other star heroes

  like Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, and others treat their fans with regular updates about their upcoming movies,

 the production houses of Prabhas’s movies are quite lethargic.

 The fans have shown disappointment earlier when there was no update from his movies.

 Now, the fans are disappointed once again as Prabhas has committed to Maruthi’s movie.

 The fans are worried as this movie might end up as a dud as Maruthi couldn’t deliver a hit in recent times and he never handled a star hero.

 Though Prabhas and Maruthi are confident about the movie’s success, fans want their hero to call off the movie

 and go ahead with the other projects. Touted to be a horror-comedy,

  the movie has Bollywood hero Sanjay Dutt in an important role as the grandfather of Prabhas.