Dil Raju’s Fortunes Tumbled

 ‘Dil’ who began his career as a movie distributor has turned producer with ‘Dil’ movie and emerged as one of the top producers in no time.

 The star producer has produced movies with almost all the leading star heroes in the Telugu film industry.

  ‘Dil’ Raju who is known for his judgment over the scripts seems to have been losing his Midas touch of late.

 His latest release ‘Varasudu’ which was released along with ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ and ‘Waltair Veeraiya’ hasn’t lived up to all the hype he created before the release.

 Netizens have trolled the director Vamshi Paidipally claiming that the movie is like a TV serial.

 The director seems to have been hurt by the negative comments and said not to underestimate the serials.

 Despite poor collections, ‘Dil’ Raju is showering heaps of praise on the movie saying that ‘Varasudu’ is a super hit movie.

 Though the movie has collected well in Tamil, the movie is an outright disaster in Telugu.

 As per the trade circles, the losses are said to be heavy. If Vijay had attended the movie promotions,

 the losses would have been minimized. Even the heroine Rashmika did not promote the movie much.