Butta Bomma Thank The Audience In The Post Release Press Meet

 Butta Bomma released today is getting positive response from the audience.

 The reviews from the US and Telugu states are wonderful and all the shows are running to packed houses

 Butta Bomma is a cute romantic thriller with a message. In a post release press meet,

 the cast and crew thanked the audience for their tremendous support in making the film a grand success.

 Anika Surendran who played the central character of Satya said, “I am grateful and proud to do this project.

 I touched the hearts of everyone. I am happy for everything”.

  Surya Vashistta who donned the auto driver role is elated with the response of Butta Bomma and said“I saw the movie at Prasad’s in the morning and I am glad about the positive reviews.

The movie is getting good reviews from across the states. This is a happy moment for me as I am part of a great project on my debut”.

 Arjun Das who played a key role in the film is joyous about seeing the crowds for the morning shows. He said, “Thanks for coming for the morning show.

 Thanks for all the lovely messages. I really appreciate your feedback. It’s evident that everyone liked the dubbing in the film.

 Next time when I do a Telugu movie, I will make sure to interact with everyone in Telugu”.

 Shourie Chandrasekhar T Ramesh who directed Butta Bomma is happy with the positive response.

 In his words, “My friends from America saw the film and heaped praises on me. The movie has got a lot of buzz in the overseas market.

  In Telugu states too, it got an immense response. The undercurrent of the film is appealing to the families, so it’s worth watching.

 I feel every father must take their daughters to this movie. So, they can explain certain things to them.

 Please come with your kids and watch Butta Bomma in cinemas”.

 Ganesh Ravuri who penned wonderful dialogues for the film remarked, “Dialogues have well connected with audience.

 Thanks for making the film a success. People are liking the twists and turns in the story. The message will go a long way and movie will get a wide reach”.