Balakrishna’s Strict Warning To Ram Charan

 Tollywood senior actor Nandamuri Balakrishna is no stranger to controversy.

 He was often trolled and criticized for his notorious temperamental issues, slapping spree, and sexist remarks. He was in the news for all the wrong reasons till a few months ago.

 However, Balakrishna seems to have changed man now and there are no controversies of either slapping or abusing anyone in recent times.

 It’s said that it’s his younger daughter Tejaswini who is the mastermind behind the changed behavior of Balakrishna.

 The senior actor is currently hosting the Unstoppable talk show on the AHA platform and the second season has become a huge hit already.

 The audience is eagerly waiting for the New Year episode featuring Prabhas which is going to stream on December 30.

 The teaser of the much-anticipated episode was unveiled and going by it, the episode seems to be a lot of fun

 as Balakrishna asks Prabhas about his marriage, his equation with Kriti Sanon, and other interesting details.

 On the show, when Prabhas called the actor and his friend Ram Charan,

 Balakrishna took the phone from Prabhas and ordered Ram Charan to watch his film (Veera Simha Reddy) first.

 He asked him to watch his father’s film (Waltair Veerayya) later, which made Prabhas laugh. It would be interesting to know what Charan replied from the other side.

 Actor and Prabhas’ close friend Gopichand also graced the show. The episode is going to be streamed in two parts from December 30.