AR Rahman’s Controversial Comments On India Selection For Oscars

 While the whole India is celebrating after Naatu Naatu song from RRR and the short film The Elephant Whisperers.

 Won the prestigious Oscars, legendary music director and the Oscar award winner A. R. Rahman criticizes India’s Oscars selection.

 The Indian Film Federation snubbed Rajamouli’s RRR, which international celebrities believed had a chance to win Best Film at the Oscars,

 and instead sent the Gujarati film The Chello Show, which didn’t make the final cut.

 Despite this, Rajamouli submitted RRR for consideration in various categories and won an Oscar for the song Naatu Naatu.

 However, AR Rahman wasn’t pleased with the Indian jury and government’s film selections for the Oscars.

 He strongly criticized them for sending the wrong films. He said “Sometimes, I see that our movies go till the Oscar (but) they don’t get it.

 Wrong movies are being sent for the Oscars,” and added “And I am like, DON’T. We have to be in another person’s shoes.

 I have to be in Westerner’s shoes to see what’s happening here. I have to be in my shoes to see what they are doing,”

 Rahman also spoke about songs. He questioned “We all need to get money but beyond that I had passion.

 I mean the West is doing it, and why can’t we? When we listen to their music, why can’t they listen to our music?

 I kept asking that and that ‘why’ became better production, better quality, better distribution, and mastering… that still drives me.”