Another Trouble For Actor Naresh

 Senior actor Naresh has been in the news for his alleged relationship with actress Pavitra Lokesh.

  Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi who made a scene at the hotel in Karnataka a few months ago is back in the news.

 Naresh recently shared a clip of him kissing Pavitra Lokesh which led to the speculations that they are getting married.

 While this is on one side, Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupati came out saying that she won’t let that wedding happen.

 She says that she and Naresh did not get divorced yet. In a recent YouTube interview, she said she wouldn’t be giving a divorce to Naresh.

 Ramya further made several allegations against Naresh and his behavior.

 She said that Naresh stooped down too many levels and even he alleged that she is having an affair with Superstar Krishna.

 According to her, Naresh wore a letter like it was written by Krishna by forging the latter’s signature and alleged a life threat from her.

 Ramya says Pavitra backstabbed her and she won’t let them get united in marriage.

 She also says her son wants his father and she is not ready to divorce Naresh come whatever may.