Another Tollywood Young Pair In a Relationship?

 Onscreen relationships turning into real-life ones are not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

 From Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala, Rajasekhar-Jeevitha, Nagarjuna-Amala, Srikanth-Ooha,

 and Mahesh Babu – Namrata took their on-screen relationship to next level by getting married.

 It’s been a while since Tollywood has witnessed an on-screen pair developing into a relationship.

 But, looks like there’s a pair that is in a serious relationship.

 This young pair from Tollywood are still struggling in their careers.

 The relationship started when they acted together in a movie that was released on OTT during the pandemic.

 They are barely 3-4 films old and are in a serious relationship.