Another Cheap Gimmick By Ram Gopal Varma

The forever controversial Ram Gopal Varma isn’t hesitating to do anything in the news.

Though his comments on religion, gods, political parties, and actors drew some flak, there were some who supported him. But, of late, RGV has stooped too low.

He is resorting to tricks like licking the legs of actresses to some News Coverage.

The director who hasn’t delivered a movie worth talking about for a decade is now back in the news for a political thriller.

Ram Gopal Varma who earlier made movies like Lakshmi’s NTR targeting the TDP party is all set to his political movie Vyooham and is desperate for political attention.

He released a video today criticizing Chandrababu Naidu in the recent unfortunate incidents at Kandukur and Guntur.

Some people criticize Ram Gopal Varma is trying to get some extra funding from YSRCP by making such attention-seeking comments.