Amala Akkineni Angers The Public

Former actress and Akkineni Nagarjuna’s wife Amala Akkineni is the most non-controversial person.

She is dedicated to the NGO Blue Cross taking care of pets. However, she angers the public with a surprising turn of events.

Despite she’s taking the utmost care of the animals through her NGO, her good gesture is resulting in anger among the public who are faced with the stray dog menace.

A netizen shared his experience and questioned Nagarjuna as to why his wife Amala is harassing the public.

He posted “GHMC responded to my complaint on aggressive street dogs, Pvt contractor claims he is helpless with residents’ complaints due to Amala Akkineni complaint in SC.

Why is your wife harassing the middle class? Is it OK if all street dogs are dropped in front of your home? Nagarjuna?”.

In 1994, Amala filed a petition in Supreme Court which prevented GHMC and other government organizations not to take away stray dogs.

Instead, they have to sterilize and leave them once again on the streets.