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TeluguRajyam.com: TeluguRajyam endeavours to publish and broadcast unalloyed news, features, current affairs, entertainment, infotainment and information for the audience with an objective of creating an informed public.

TeluguRajyam.com is non-aligned

Strictly speaking there is nothing like apolitical. We don’t want to say we are apolitical. Because apolitical is a kind of politics.  We can say we are non-aligned.

TeluguRajyam.com is audience-oriented.

 Our alignment is towards the audience. Our ideology is to contribute towards building a vibrant public sphere with the help of digital technologies where, as Jürgen Habermas said, a healthy public opinion can emerge. The objective of TeluguRajyam is to build a socio-cultural platform where ideas clash and combine paving the path for the arrival of a new media culture. 

The team of TeluguRajyam.com:

JINKA NAGARAJU, Executive Editor:

Jinka Nagaraju has started his career in vernacular journalism (Udayam) more than three decades ago after doing Masters in Physical Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology. Considered an Anthropologist in the Newsroom Jinka reported on Telugu politics from the national capital, New Delhi, through the most turbulent decade (1996 to 2006) in Indian politics when Andhra Pradesh commandeered the Capital Politics.  He later switched over to English journalism by joining Times of India, Hyderabad Bureau. Whether he was at the desk (Andhrabhoomi and Andhra Prabha) or reporting from New Delhi (Vaartha) or Hyderabad (Times of India and Newsable) Jinka has successfully proven his existence felt. While contributing to Al Jazeera, Newsable, and other online media platforms, he migrated to digital media and launched three successful news portals as the editor. Specialized in the sociology of media, blending the theory and practice is an important trait of his journalism. He is a restless journalist and committed spook of the Fourth Estate in Indian Journalism. Humanism is the cornerstone of his writings.

Email: [email protected]

GANAPATHI REDDY, Consultant Editor 

Rooted in a village in Kadapa district, Ganapathi studied life sciences (Nizam College), Geography (Delhi School of Economics) and Journalism (City University, London). The progression from the countryside to national and international capitals serves him to take a holistic approach to journalism, media, and communications. He worked for the television (Etv), print (The Hans India, The Pioneer), Radio (Angel FM, IGNOU, and continues to produce podcasts) and digital platforms (was a columnist for CNN-IBN). He was awarded a Sky News bursary to study Masters in International Journalism from City University in London. He taught at the Journalism Centre of Harlow College & Anglia Ruskin University in England, and at Acharya Institutes, Bangalore. He was Officer on Special Duty (Media Affairs) to the last CM of united Andhra Pradesh. He is a learning, teaching and practicing journalism, media and communications.

Facebook: Ganapathi TeluguRajyam

Email: [email protected]


Krishna Mohan is a familiar name among the India’s IT Start-ups. Overcoming all the handicaps his rural and semiliterate family background created, Mohan excelled in IT world. His Bengaluru based IT firm now provides software and hardware solutions for diverse  and national and international companies. Now he is extending his interests into digital media and entertainment. TeluguRajyam.com is the result of his foray into the digital media which is shaping the news and news consumption in a way hitherto unknown. He sees vast business opportunity even in sharing the information. In the era of fake news, right information is the most sought after commodity. Mohan wants this platform to stand on the right of news.  He travels around the world, and transforms into a cyclist whenever he gets time in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vishakapatnam.

The team also includes

NAGARAJU ALLI, Special Correspondent. Alli is a committed professional and brilliant journalist. In spite of his strong foundation, gradually built over a period of 15 years in both print and electronic media, Alli’s transition to the digital platform has amazingly been smooth and successful. He has gained popularity as an insightful digital journalist from Telangana in no time. Alli will definitely present TeluguRajyam audience an entirely new and unbiased perspective to understand the politics of Telugu states.

The other members of TeluguRajyam battalion are :

SHIVA PRASAD, Correspondent

VANAJA MORLA, Subeditor  

SHYAM KUMAR , Subeditor

RAM PRASAD, social media  


Above all, we are serious about rebuilding the value proposition for independent local journalism. We want to tell compelling stories with strong original reporting that will hold readers’ attention through to the end and keeps them coming back for more. We want this ecosystem to be a win-win situation for the media house and for the contributors. We look at journalists as arbiters of truth who want to produce measured, thoughtful Views and Analysis. Your contribution means a lot to us. If you have the zeal to write we are here to publish your work. Send your work to us at [email protected]